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Commission | Your horse in digital painting! As the title says, you may ask me to draw your lovely horse! You may add accessories, tacks freely! How sweet would it be to see your lovely one as a unicorn or in a Japanese themed tack! I can also draw your favorite horse in any poses you want, just be sure to mention it in your commission! *Payment only via PayPal! ❤️* Commissions Pricing| Lineart only: - Portrait = 25,00€ - Half Body = 30,00€ - Full Body = 50,00€ - Extra Character (human, horse, rabbit, fox...) = 5,00€ ~ 15,00€ Commissions Pricing | Colored Version: - Portrait = 55,00€ - Half Body = 60,00€ - Full Body = 80,00€ - Extra Character (human, horse, rabbit, fox...) = 15,00€ ~ 25,00€ * Accessories are free! I love drawing details and the thing I love about drawing is the fact that we can let our imaginary run free! Customized Commission: If you aren't interested for horses and want a human character instead, the prices doesn't change much but message me so we can find a good deal!! The Artists Rules: * My commissions are for non-commercial use ! * Payment before I get to work on it! * Commissions may take around 5 Hours to 1 Week depending on what you're asking for! (As an example: The little Marwari horse took me up to 6 ~ 8 hours) Have a nice day! ❤️

Hi, Aki there ~

22 y/o self-taught artist, mother of a 10 y/o horse named Cissie.

I'm drawing mostly horses, landscapes and OCs

Actually, I'm thinking to create a Manga / Webtoon.

The story is ready, now I need to find the time to draw it ~