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Commissions Art Open!! I CAN draw dragons, MLP, anime, anthos, Pokemon, Sonic, Splatoon, Steven Universe, monsters, mythical creatures, LGBTIA+ and nsfw! Will NOT draw hate, some kinks, houses, complex backgrounds, and, politics Don’t forget to send me a pose and an expression in dms, please. % Friends are half off % (Taking paypal and points) Dm me if interested $2.00 or 200p - Icons $7.00 or 700p to $17.00 or 1700p Customs and Refs $6.00 or 600p - Digital, None-Shaded, Colored- Full Body $3.00 or 300p - Digital, None-Shaded, Colored - Chibi or Pagedoll $5.00 or 500p - Digital, None-Shaded, Colored - Semi-Full Body $4.00 or 400p - Digital, Cell-Shaded, Colored - Headshot $3.00 or 300p - Digital, None-Shaded, Colored - Headshot $20.00 or 2000p - Digital, Lined or Sketched, Colored, Doodles of Your OC $10.00 - 1000p - Digital, Lined or Sketched, None Color, Doodles of Your OC $00.50 or 50p - Digital Sketch, None-color - Headshot $1.00 100p - Digital Sketch, None-color - Full Body $00.50 or 50p - Traditional, None Color, Neat Sketch, White Paper $00.30 or 30p - Traditional, None Color, Rough Sketch, Sketchbook Paper

Hi I'm an artist that does a mix of traditional and digital art. My other art platforms will be in my links.