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My commissions are open!! Please message me if you would like something! 3/5 Slots open! --TERMS && CONDITIONS-- I accept payment through PayPal ONLY. I have the right to refuse any commission offers. Commissions must be paid IN FULL after the initial sketch has been drawn and approved.  Signatures/watermarks will NOT be removed from the piece unless it is for commercial work. Received PSD versions will be flattened files. You are allowed to repost your commission for personal use, but please do not remove the signature/watermark. You will be receiving a DIGITAL COPY of your commissioned piece.  --PLEASE TELL ME IF-- You do not wish your commission to be posted online.  What file format (jpeg, png) you want it in BEFORE I begin the commission piece. I have intermittent spells pertaining to my mental health, so therefore during the commissioning period your patience is truly appreciated. 

Available for Work + Commissions :: FFXIV / KH / D&D