Hey loves, I'm Alu ~ Artist, writer, chill 🖤 gal (23) Comments mean the most to me ~ Mermaid Short Stories in a collection~



+1 coffee for ~ Backgrounds, Specific (complicated) clothing, Complicated accessories, If you don't have a reference for me to use for your character Why chose me? 😳 If you like my art 💕 I send tons of wips~ I'm fast ~ (most likely I'll start immediately, but if I'm currently busy, I will start within 24 hours of payment) I want you to be fully satisfied and I will work with you until you are 😊 Payment to be made before I start! I'm tired of stressing and wondering 'will they pay me?' 😂 Also because I send tons of wips and I don't want to watermark them all, lol If you are rude or just generally give me unnecessary stress or anxiety... I'll refuse your commission 👏 k thx bye

Most of my follower count is ghosts 👻
🌻🌿Why am I on Artfol? Because art is amazing! I want to see more art and get to know more people! I don't have a ton of interest in just looking at art in a feed and then moving on... I want those connections ~
🌻🌿 I am religious. This does not mean I'm out to judge, ridicule, mock, or belittle you or how you live your life or what you believe in. I want it to be known that not all Christians will yell at you and try to stuff beliefs down your throat. Beliefs are something to be chosen... not choked on until you accept or learn to hate. Why am I kind? A supportive person? Because I believe that is what Christians are supposed to be 🌻 an example of the Love of God in a cold fallen world AND GOSH DARN IT, IT'S NOT HARD TO BE KIND.