Jordan • he/they • author of upcoming LGBTQ comic “Thin Lines”! CW: Blood/Fictional Violence/Drug use • Recommended 18+ plz


Hi! My name is Jordan Bloom, I am a thirty-one year old, bi, trans, comic artist from Michigan! I have been drawing since I was eleven and my favorite thin to do is character design!

I am currently writing an LGBTQ comic set in the early 90’s about a middle aged divorced bisexual man navigating being in the Alphabet Mafia while also being in the ACTUAL Mafia. It deals with themes of chosen family and proudly living as who you are! I plan on starting to release it biweekly Sept 3rd, 2021 on tapas or webtoon (I’m still weighing my options)

I use an iPad 12.9 with Procreate, I mainly use pencils from a pack off Gumroad called “Joes Brush Set 3”, 6b and New Pencil are my weapons of choice.