Model Artist at Hasbro 🦄 Fantasy Illustrator/Sculptor/Character Designer 🦊 Starlight is me/my art mascot 🌌 Celestial by Nature | Aurora magic ⭐



Hello, my name is Starlight! (AudreyStarlight on other social media, Audrey is my legal name for professional purposes).

I love creating pieces that focus on deep, mysterious creatures, but I also enjoy designing lighter themed work that appeals to a child-at-heart market (cute yet sophisticated) in products like games, stationery and toys. For that reason, stylized artbooks like Zelda BOTW and the MLP movie are my inspiration go-tos.

I work in both 2D and 3D (traditional clay but learning Zbrush), and recently learned how much I enjoy helping other artists as well. I'm working on getting better at human/anime anatomy but when it comes to animals I love giving tips and tricks haha. It's lovely to meet you! ⭐ 🦊 💕