I enjoy making art and chatting about it 🥰



I only do Isometric in pixel art, not traditional. My design work will be stylised along the lines of my "Faces" or "Self-Portrait" aka "4x6" series of works I take payment up-front, half of my fee is non-refundable, and I charge for any consecutive edits or ones I consider major I'll accept NSFW and gore * No NSFW minors (fluff/cutesy stuff is ok, like hand-holding or being shy around a crush) * No beastiality (anthropomorphic stuff like furries is fine I guess) * No gore based off racial or sexual violence * Don't ask me to do anything completely outside of my style; I'm not doing hyperrealism unless you're going to pay me several grand for it * I don't accept "exposure" as payment unless you have 50k followers with at least 10% active followers (with proof) * I WILL accept bartering if I like what's offered (I don't mind hearing details about your OCs, send me their stories if you like 💖)

I make mostly abstract and pixel art, occasionally comics

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