Short and Tan



Sketch - $25 ▪︎Pencil or digital Speedpainting - $50 ▪︎Quickly finished ▪︎Head shot or full body. Detail varies on demand ▪︎Rule of thumb, headshot = more detail, less to draw overall; full body = less detail, more to draw ▪︎Simple backgrounds Simple Retro 80's/90's Anime Aesthetic - $80 ▪︎Thicc lines ▪︎Cel shading ▪︎Style varies based on era ▪︎Plain background ▪︎One character ($15 for an extra) Full Retro Aesthetic - $120 ▪︎Everything from above except another character is guaranteed. ▪︎Rendered painted backgrounds

I'm Vince, I love drawing in retro styles I wasn't even alive for at the time (80s/90s anime)